Florence Wine Tasting

Learn all about the history of Florence

Florence, or Firenze, for decades beaten over the head with floods, wars, famine and plagues made a glorious comeback in the 14th century to make it one of the most enlightening cities of the Renaissance thanks to the trend-setting geniuses like Dante, Boccaccio and Giotto. Florence didn’t stop there to becoming the strongest rags to riches success story. In the 15th century the Medici family with their power and wealth amassed one of the greatest collections of masterpieces by names like Botticelli, Michelangelo and Brunelleschi to be housed in what is today known as the Uffizi museum which still attracts countless visitors hundreds of years later after it was created.

Beyond the larger than life artworks, museums and churches, Florence is made famous for its culinary traditions and food and wine culture. While the art world had the Medici family behind their back, the Antinori family (another noble Florentine clan) put Tuscan wine on the map and their roots in wine making can be traced back as far as 1385!

Learn all about Florence’s history in the wine world and of course enjoy some of the regions best products with a Florence Wine Tasting organized by the experts at Italy Wine Tasting. You don’t need to hitch a ride into Chianti Classico to discover the Antinori palace, Tuscany’s wine culture and above all- to taste some of the best producers in the region! A Florence Wine Tasting is perfect for the 1st time traveller or the regular visitor to Florence- we would go as far to say that this tasting tour is also perfect for locals to discover their own backyard of the Tuscan wine world! Our Florence wine tasting tour includes a guided sensory analysis and a short lesson on wine culture and history in a relaxed, social and interactive environment.